The abandoned house (setting description)


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The house was deathly and haunted. The paint was hanging down in every corridor. Every window you pass by would have ragged traces of glass. The windows were boarded up. It remained with sharp sills ; they were jutting out like branches of a tree. 

The screaming of the birds fighting , echoed throughout the overgrown place. As I walk along the corridor the screeching of the birds hurt my ears and I felt like they were about to bleed. It caused the shattered acid glass to scatter into every room.

The house was immobile. Its crumbling chimneys and hanging gutters clogged with rotting leaves ; the walls were destroyed. It was like it had been grawed by starving rats. The place felt evil. It made people quicken steps. .



Star Wars VS Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 1: The force awakens in Jakku


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In a galaxy far far away…

There was a star clone named Jek and he crash landed in a planet named Naboo but his jet slid and flew back  in the sky but he then landed in to the neighbour  dimension of planets called Gauardton Galaxy. Then Jek found a group of heroes battling against the force of evil. Jek then rebuilt his jet and returned to his legacy. Starlord saw Jek escape their galaxy so Starlord followed him into the other dimension and Starlord went to Jakku. Darth Vader was using the force on people he did not like. Jakku then shaked and it was attacked by Starlord. Darth Vader then pulled out his light sabre to fight the intruder Star-lord. Darth Vader swiped his lightsaber round and round and back and forth. Star lord activated his blaster and started firing at Darth Vader. Darth Vader dodged the blasts and he approached Starlord and shoved him. Starlord fell in to the sand that dragged him. This is to be continued…

The Sisters bond


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Previously : Princess Sirien  went missing, and her twin Iris searched for her everywhere in Sirien  Springs. Soon Iris gave up, however she still believed in her sister is alive, suddenly there was knock on the door and there was a long silence.


It was a three girls in a hoodie. Their each have really long hair and it was coloured I little bit. Their also was wearing eye shadow. I decided to let them in my treehouse. Finally the three beautiful girl took of their hoodie and showed them selves. Their were my friend from Domino. Their name were Phoenix,  River and Flame  AKA Raven their were caring sisters. Their are the Triplets.

“Why are you here ? asked Iris

“We heard that your sister has gone missing ! ” Said Raven

“Oh know River is fast asleep !” Said Phoenix

So later three girl went to sleep so their have full energy to find my sister.

So on the next day, River told them the power of twin/triplets combined together to make the allotment power. Later there went though a lot of monsters and there finally made it. The next thing there saw was a lake which are surrounded by snow.


In the mountains


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I am stranded in a island because a scientist left me here we were studying the animals and looking for weird objects but then he left me here by accident . Everything seems so calm and very quiet , no sudden movements  from nothing , the water in the island was crystal blue. Everything was covered with white snow , which even covered the rocks , there and there were big trees . The foggy sky was so full of clouds that I nearly couldn’t see the sky. The quiet island seemed so amazing. I hear birds singing , I smell fresh air . I really tried to step on the stones to cross the river to find somebody  to help me . I ran as quickly as I could when I  saw somebody but it was just a goat far in the distance. It was a beutifull sight in this island but I must get out of here .  There are giant sized mountains and million trees covereing the whole mountain. I might be seen by a sailor and he will take me back but there was no boat just clear sea . I was very hungry and cold and there was no were to go please find me soon.

The Secret Land {200 Word Challenge}


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Mia and Jake are twins they were triplets but last month the triplet died.  Mia and Jake are 9 years old. Mia is 4 minutes older than Jake. Also they had been exploring their new home. Well there  was something  fishy going on now every time they went into a room they ended up in a different room but at the end they both bumped into each other. Then they found them selves opening a door ,which they hadn’t opened, when they stepped inside the place their legs were freezing as ice. They both looked around  and saw trees, fences, rocks and rivers all covered with ice. They could smell the freshness of the air that had been passing them. A white, hairy, brown squirrel with blue eyes hopped passed them nibbling nuts. Jake questioned “Can we go back now?” Mia answered “Well maybe not right now, lets stay for a bit more longer and then go ,yehh” “Yehh” said Jake sacredly. Jake wasn’t so sure about staying a bit longer. Mia pocked Jake and told him to look up an extraordinary  thing happened there triplet was in the sky telling them to come up. Mia and Jake couldn’t go up………………………………………………………………………… SPOOKY

Diary of a girl in the UK!!! chapter 2


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I missed breakfast club because I woke up late and today they made my favorite, crossiants. When I went to school my locker was next to a 🤓 geek, and the first period is maths which is my least favorite subject. Someone knocked at the door and said that they needed to film someone for the show ‘Sam and Marks big Friday wind up’ and guess what I got chosen because I am a big fan of that show……………….

Chapter 2

continuing Monday’s story…..

I go to the hall to get filmed and the camera person said that I need to talk about what happens in the show and how much I would rate it. I am so happy that I got chosen because I don’t have to do the boring old maths lesson. The camera 📷 man 👨🏼‍💼was so kind he let me be the fashion model for the play I was so excited 😆 I danced  all around the hall, the man said that I need a fashion model to help me know how to walk help me do my hair and and do my makeup 💄 So before they started to film me the camera crew called the makeup artist and a hair dresser and they made a appointment for tommarow. I was so happy I wanted to scream. Ding,Ding,Ding, the bell rang and it was lunch time. They told me to go and eat lunch. So I ate lunch then I went to the hall and the camera crew were not there. I scratched my head and I started to think that they might film me in the afternoon, so I went happy 🤣😂again. In the afternoon I asked my teacher if I can go to the hall get filmed. My teacher sighed and then she said that I need to be quick because they are starting a test in 20 minuets and if I am late then I am getting a detention. I quickly ran to the hall and I checked if they were there and they weren’t. I checked all the halls in the school and they weren’t there. That took 15 minuets going around the school checking the halls and that means I have 5 minuets left. I quickly checked around the school for where they were and then I recognised that it went over time. So I quickly ran to my class and I was 10 minuetes late. My teacher said I’m getting a detention and everyone laughed at me.

If you want to read more then read chapter 3.

The mysterious travel


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” Hi my name is Harry today your going to see me surf on the sea! By the way me and my dad live on the beach, I stole a coin that my dad found under the sea well I call it a lucky coin.”  Harry stole the coin and ran to the sea with his surf board. Harry’s dad found that Harry stole the coin. ” Harry come here quickly! ” said Harry’s dad

” Oh no I’m grounded. ” said Harry.  Suddenly a flash of lightning came and the clouds became grey. ” No Harry, GET OUT OF THE SEA! ” ” Nothings going to happen it’s only a ausome coin ” said Harry . In two seconds a massive wave came, that was two times bigger than a mammoth. The wave fell and took Harry away. Harry screamed and said to himself, ” it’s only a wave just stay on your surf board and keep balance till you get to the end of this.” Suddenly Harry found himself falling in the middle of the ocean and fell on top of his surf board.

” Somebody help me!” cried harry. Harry looked around him self in a snowy area where it was very cold. He stood alone on the ice.

The mysterious legendary pumpkin


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The mysterious legendary pumpkin!


Hello everyone, I am going to tell a secret about an mysterious legendary  pumpkin that is in our learning zone. Do you think that the pumpkin is normal.Oh ,well its not an ordinary one is an mysterious one. When I was at home I searched about the pumpkin.When I searched about the pumpkin it says that the pumpkin came  in a  secret world called  the world of  scream monsters. The story about the pumpkin was an boy who is called creaky wart. He was ordinary boy and he was in the park.Meanwhile,he was playing in the park he saw an box that was shimmering inside the box. The boy was  scared to open the shimmering box in the floor. Then he thought that could be gold , but it was an toxic black smoke.When creaky wart open the box he was feeling weird and dizzy.Then he disappeared somewhere ….

But I don’t know that how he turned  into  an  pumpkin. One more thing that it says about the pumpkin is that there is a legend  that if you touch the pumpkin  three times you will be cursed forever . I was shocked. In the next day when I went to the school I saw Evangelin touching the pumpkin 3 times but at last night it said that who ever touch the pumpkin three times will get cursed …..

NON NEGOTIABLEs – make sure every single sentence makes complete sense

how i survived an zombie apocalipse (made up story) prologue – series 1


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prologue – back story


abuelo – grandpa          personas muertas – undead people            tia – untie

abuela – grandma        tio – uncle


“ABUELA! abuelo wants a drink.” shouted Mariana “Mariana, no abuelo died this night honey.” said Adela -Mariana’s grandma- in a questioning voice. she thought Mariana wasn’t ok but she was ok. “MAMA! I’m telling you abuelo is alive he’s not dead in his bed as we saw him” they all ran to Atmel’s room “SEE MAMA!” but no he was turned. a walker. a zombie. bit him “no. no, no!” “Mariana honey get out!” he bit Mariana’s abuela. she was begging to not turn so Mariana’s mama and papa took her to the hospital. -where she sadly passed away- Marianas brother and uncle ran in “Adam turn back you too Mariana!” tio yanked out a wooden floor board to whack Mariana’s abuelo using the side with the nails poking out. the crack of the bone. the spit of his cursed blood. tio turned calm after they were safe. “ok. we got to go!” “BUT TI~” “NO ADAM TIO WANTS GOOD”

5 years later

“mama. when can we come out of the car” asked Mariana -now she’s 15- “no Mariana we are safe here” announced mama, she had ripped clothes and messy brown hair. the car stopped. it was a sudden stop “Mariana! Adam! you look for food. me and mama! will look for fuel” “Adam WAKE UP!” “UHH OK FINE!” they found fuel and a bit of food…

will the car start up again…?

The creepy house in jamcaia!!


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It was a Monday night and a little girl and her parents just came back from a party but the parents couldn’t  go to the party by them self because they had no one to look after there little girl for them. When the party had finish they were going back home but when they were going home and they saw this creepy house they were so frightened because they heard a person howling as a wolf. They all smelled smoke coming out of the creepy house they could fell lots of different bugs crawling up on there legs. When they looked at the house they saw lots of lights on and they were wondering what was going on but they didn’t want to Stan there any longer so they just carried on walking before. They were really frightened they said it in now over and they can now forget about what everything happened